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Wall Panels

Component and Technology

Phonlic/polyvinyl chloride as adhesive, flying ash, tailing or other inorganic material as main component, mixing with wood fiber, glass fiber, fire retardant and other additives, formed by extrusion technology.


Popularly used as a wall structure and roof structure in civil buildings, business buildings, public service, temporary housing, gyms, hotels, hospitals, departments and industry buildings.

Product Properties

Fire Retardant
  • The flame retardant and smoke preventative additives in the recipe can effectively stop the wall panel being ignited.
  • Test reports show fire resistance of the wall panel will exceed two hours and non-combustable Grade-A product under EN standards.
Energy Saving and Heat Prevention
  • The 150mm wall panel as example, when the entire wall body is 197mm, the heat index is 0.3 [W/(m2.K)].
  • While “fired hollow brick” or a concrete block construct wall body normally 250-320mm thick, the heat index is 0.5-0.6[W/(m2.k)].
Environmentally Friendly
  • The limits of radio-nuclides formaldehyde content in panel forms no hard to health of humans or animals.
  • The panel is recyclable and can be granulated back into product many years after used and therefore no construction waste has been created.
High Strength, Low Weight
  • The 150mm wall panel (42kg/m2) as example, has an entire wall body weight of less than y60kg/m2.
  • Each panel (150*450*2800mm) can withstand a 328KN compressed load vertically.
  • Low self-weight offers quack-proof property and reduces risk in earthquake zones. Fired hollow brick and concrete block construct wall (20mm) weight is 3-4 times the weight of a CPEP wall.
Lower Cost
  • Wall construction reduces or even eliminates the need of steel structure.
  • Reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment for construction.
  • Wall panels can be installed faster, compared to traditional building processes.
  • Wall construction is 70% – 80% quicker, results in saving of 80% in labor costs.
Enlarge Effective Space
  • The wall has excellent performance and takes up less space than the traditional wall, enlarging the effective internal space.
  • 10% space saving can be achieved over a 12 square meter room.

Doors and Windows

Luxwood Composite Doors
  • Waterproof
  • Pest proof
  • Strong and long lasting
  • No shrinkage or swelling
  • Various patterns and styles
  • As strong as solid wood door
  • External and Internal wall panels including cut outs for doors and windows
  • Top and bottom channels including fixings
  • Windows and glass sliding doors
  • Solid Timber external doors including architraves
  • Hollow core internal doors including architraves
  • Skirtings
  • Roof panels
  • Gutters, fascias and barge cappings
  • Sourced from outside supplier in Plastic or Aluminium
  • Good heat insulation performance
  • Excellent air proof and waterproof property
  • Window pane is Argon filled double-glazed to improve heat and sound insulation of entire structure
  • Constructed to NZSAS standards
Internal Inclusions
  • LED lighting
  • Bathtub
  • Washbasin/Vanity
  • Toilet
  • Taps and shower unit
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen sink and tap unit
  • Vinyl floor coverings


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