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What Is Luxwood?

Luxwood, also known as Composite Polymer Extruded Panels (CPEP) are a hard wood material manufactured from a combination of polymer resins, natural fiber and additives. This combination of material is then extruded using high pressure, high temperature equipment to form a variety of different structures. These composite polymer structures are designed to keep the natural appearance and strength of wood and the lightweight qualities of plastic. Luxwood is gradually replacing traditional structures of wood or plastic and is being used widely in more and more fields. PHE Solutions particular mixture of materials and advanced techniques ensures that our product is a perfect composite polymer for use in landscaping, architecture, flat pack housing systems and city construction projects.

PHE Solutions boast more than 50 types of Luxwood profiles which have been well researched to meet market needs in decking, railing, pavilions, walk way bridges, tables and chairs, handrails systems, flower boxes, dustbins and pallets, internal and external wall cladding and many other uses. Our products are also distributed all around the globe.

Why Choose Luxwood?

Comparing Wood, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and other composite products:

CPEC is a “Composite Polymer” extruded material, and should not be confused with bamboo fiber products which may look and feel similar in many respects. Bamboo fiber mixed with resins, known in some cases as a plastic wood, has had some success but in many cases, cheap derivatives are not stable as a product. This leads to the product warping, cracking and discoloring within a short time.

Luxwood on the other hand has the following qualities:

  • Elegant natural wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent
  • Elegant and detailed design
  • Resistant to cracking and splitting
  • Water, acid, alkali, UV and pest resistant
  • Environmentally friendly and with no hazardous chemicals
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance and never needs painting (can be painted if desired)
  • Quick and easy installation