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PHE – Luxwood Instructional Video


How to place the wall support U Chanel to House Base Frame


How to lay the Floor Panels into the Base Frame


How to level and prepare the house base frame before placing in the PHE- Luxwood floor Panels


Impressive demonstration of the insulation properties of the Polex™ and Luxwood® panels. You can hold the panel in your hand while temperatures on the other side of the panel can go has high as 1000º C.

PHE – Luxwood Building Demonstration

This video features the recently constructed Pacific 156 DG house for Homecorp, the dwelling features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living dining and a double garage. The project was delivered in 8 weeks, using PHE Solutions + Luxwood building technologies.

This Video features the construction sequence of the Osprey range of Ecocabins using PHE + Luxwood panel technology, it shows the start of the build process from Chassis and floors to walls being erected in position following by internal linings along with claddings. The sequence continues highlighting all aspects of the project delivery including transport logistics and site install.