Vision statement:

Just as the Luxwood Panel Building System is a system in its entirety , so are we as the Luxwood core members, Ambassadors, Facilitators and every family that buys a Luxwoood home .

Just as every Luxwood home needs specific components to make the system work, so does our company structure.Our core members for the foundation of the company  with the knowledge and experience , but a foundation is nothing without  its walls , our company is built with strong values that add strength and structure . These combined with the Luxwood facilitators , we create a passionate innovative method to an extraordinary system of building future homes .

With every home we need windows , these represent our opportunities and visions to propel our company forward. Just as open doors represent our achievements, closed doors represent our obstacles.

Our innovative braced panel will weather the storms of life and the winds of change ,allowing us to protect the Luxwood family .

Without our Luxwood Ambassadors , home owners , which forms the roof of our company and our structure reminding us of the protection that we deliver in keeping out the cold and the rain.

Every component and the Lxuwood family members play a vital role , in making our ‘houses’ homes. We are more than just four walls and a roof , we are a future filled with homes built with legacy and family values , each Luxwood home being a unique , extraordinary  story and living experience.

We as the Luxwood family look forward to bringing more than just houses to people , but instilling a sense of dignity , safety , comfort and peacefulness.That every human being deserves.

Luxwood homes endeavours to bring dignity , honesty , integrity, environmental awareness , respect , responsibility and that comfy homey  feeling that is built with family -orientated values. The Luxwood family consists of the core members , the Luxwood Stakeholders, the Luxwood Facilitators and the Luxwood Ambassadors.

" We are measured by what we can solve"

Our core members



General Manager China

A bit about Annie :Annie is an enthusiastic , hard-working young woman, who is the glue that keeps our China factory together .




A bit about Mark :Mark is the owner and creator of the whole operation. With over 20 years of experience, there is very little Mark cannot do.



General Manager South Africa

A bit about Claire : Claire is hard -working, dedicated and kind, with over 10 years of experience she is, the glue that keeps our Cape Town branch altogether.

Luxwood Stakeholders


Chong Feng (2)

A bit about Chong :

Chong works alongside with Peter and practices as a Barrister and Solicitor at Jefferies Law LtdChong obtained Bachelor of Law with Honours from the University of Waikato. Chong is currently sitting on the board of Trust Waikato and quite active in the local community. Chong is the main facilitator in New Zealand for Luxwood Homes.

Peter Jefferies (2)

A bit about Peter:

Jefferies is the principle director of Jefferies Law ltd in Hamilton city, New Zealand. Peter is also the chairman of the Law Alliance NZ (LANZ) which is an association of independent legal practices, with member firms located throughout New Zealand providing specialist legal services in almost every aspect of law.

Luxwood Facilitators




A bit about Amber-Leigh :Amber-Leigh's big smile is probably the first thing you will see walking into our door, with her enthusiastic nature she handles our Marketing and Web Development.



A bit about Mike :Mike is a passionate , hard-working , perfectionist with a great eye for detail and always ready for any task he may encounter.

41428038_368891516982971_1413834604560777216_n (2)


A bit more about Micheal :Micheal is a dedicated, hard-working, eager young man. Who is always ready for any task that may come his way.

des (3)


A bit about Des:Desmond is our salesman with a cheerful nature and eagerness, he is always ready to answer any question you might have about our Luxwood Building system.

Nelson Mabukane - ProfilePic


A bit about Nelson:He is a dedicated, hard-working young man.Whom we are proud to say is our Architect, He attained his M.Arch.Prof through the University of Cape Town.



A bit about Nick :Nick is our local engineer. He studied Civil Engineering and has a great range of experience. We are Proud that he is a part of the Luxwood family.


Graeme Moulston

A bit more about Graeme :Graeme is a certified APEC member. He is our global engineer, He attained his Bachelor of Engineering at the NSW Institute of Technology.