National Home Building Registration Council 

What is the NHBRC certificate and why you need one?

National Homebuilders Registration Council (NHBRC) is the regulatory body of the home building industry.NHBRC it promotes ethical and technical standards and  holds home builders accountable for their builds , It also provides sanctions for non-compliance.

In terms of section 10(1) of the Act, no person can build homes, or take payment in terms of an agreement for the sale or construction of a home, unless they are a registered home builder with the NHBRC.

The builder is required to enroll every home they intend to build before starting construction, an enrolment certificate is issued to them by the NHBRC.

What is so important about the NHBRC  certificate??

When a builder is registered with the NHBRC and the home is enrolled, the NHBRC will inspect the home and ensure it meets with the NHBRC technical requirements, which in turn ensure homes that are built of a high standard and good quality. It the council is of the opinion that the home builder is not complying with the Act, they can impose a penalty.

Before you choose a builder for your home,  It is your right and responsibility to make sure that your builder is registered with the NHBRC. This can be verified through the:

-NHBRC website at

-NHBRC toll-free number (0800 200 824 )

-NHBRC  office nearest to you.